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At Laser Mould Cleaning, we provide laser cleaning services for all types of industrial moulds in the baking industry. Using laser cleaning technology, we are able to remove stubborn deposits from injection moulds or any other surface on industrial tools without the use of abrasives. Our laser cleaning is non-invasive and effectively removes grease, dirt, oxides, and paints with a single laser beam. With laser cleaning you can enjoy full efficiency wherever it is applied – faster and more reliable than ever before! We take great pride in our laser cleaning technologies and are committed to providing quality services that exceed expectations.

We understand the importance of maintaining a perfectly clean and smooth surface for moulds used in the baking industry, the manufacturing industry, precision engineering and more. Laser cleaning is a non-abrasive, advanced process which works to remove all residual build up and ingrained debris from intricate surfaces safely and effectively. Our laser cleaning services are tailored to moulds of all sizes, from complex industrial moulds to simple injection ones, and can also be used for industrial tools employed in manufacturing. With laser cleaning you can expect extraordinary results and we strive to ensure your satisfaction with every job. Contact us today to learn more about how laser cleaning can benefit you


Our mission at Laser Mould Cleaning is to provide the most innovative and effective solutions for the cleaning of industrial moulds.
We strive to revolutionise the industry by using laser cleaning, a highly efficient and cost-effective form of cleaning which can be clean most moulds, including silicon, without damage or abrasion. Laser cleaning does not require any chemical additives or abrasive materials and helps reduce production times, waste disposal costs, and labour costs associated with manual cleaning methods.

Our laser cleaning solutions are designed around customer needs with attention to detail, innovation, reliability and safety. As such, our clients can rest assured knowing they are receiving the highest quality laser cleaning services available. We have become an invaluable service provider in the mould cleaning industry by employing cutting edge technology combined with rigorous attention to detail and safety standards that help ensure exemplary results.

since 2019

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Brian Tayler

Wonderful experience. They have a very cooperative team and did my cleaning in due time. The amazing quality of work. Truly appreciable!

Oscar Andrews

Very professional team, overall great job, and highly recommended!

Tony Singh

I had a wonderful experience from start to finish with their team. They send me my cleaned product in due time which is highly appreciable. I would be happy to recommend them.